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So you want to work in production?

Since football season comes to an end I figured I would give you a little look into a weekend for me by taking you through a time-line of last weekend at Boston College.

Friday November 19

5:20am Wake Up

5:40am Depart for Airport

6:40am Fly to Charlotte

8:11am Arrive in Charlotte

9:45am Fly to Boston

11:59am Arrive in Boston

12:45pm Check into hotel

12:50pm Depart to Stadium

1:00pm Set up equipment, check rosters.

6:00pm Leave Stadium

6:30pm Dinner

9:00pm Arrive back to hotel

11:00pm Sleep
Saturday November 20

5:30am Wake Up (hate waking up and not being able to go back to sleep)

6:40am Check out of hotel

7:00am Arrive at stadium, final check of everything and make sure stats are accurate for players.

8:45am Breakfast

11:52am ON AIR

3:25pm Off Air

3:35pm Strike

5:00pm Depart for Airport

7:05pm Fly to Charlotte

10:20pm Fly to Louisville

Midnight arrive home.

Two very long days but with the places that I get to go it is pretty awesome.

As for working the game, how does hearing 10 people while you are trying to work sound?

During a game I listen to 5 people just on my headset, then a stats guy next to me, the producer, the announcers and the ref when he is talking.

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